Drai's Beach Club Nightclub

3595 Las Vegas Blvd S,Nevada,Las Vegas,US

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Witness for yourself the meticulous detail and dedication to creating the best environment in Las Vegas, Drai's Beach Club Nightclub.
Reinventing the Vegas experience, Drai's Beach Club Nightclub is built upon the fundamental principles of sophistication, innovation, and pure authenticity. 

Crowning the Cromwell Hotel & Casino, Drai's will be located on the famous corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Flamingo, soon to be the cradle of Vegas nightlife resurgence. 

The roof's exclusive pool deck features dynamic amenities including 25lavishly dressed cabanas, 8 luxury pools, and offers a seductive environment of glamour and comfort. 

The design of Drai's Nightclub is on a scale entirely new, with provocative interiors of deep purples and golds, wall to wall LED screens, Visual FX artfully placed and designed around the centerpiece in a radial pattern, emanating rays of light throughout the room. 

With a 360 degree rooftop atmosphere, the club and it's 4,500 guests will take center stage awed by the design, the technology, the music, and service. 

Drai's Beach Club Nightclub will truly be a unique escape from any ordinary nightlife experience.

Drai's Saturdays. RSVP for VIP Admission

Drai's Saturdays. RSVP for VIP Admission

Saturday, 27 December 2014 22:00

Witness for yourself the meticulous detail and dedication...